By providing an internal mass flow calculation, the CCC valve is able to insure accurate fuel flow by compensating for changes in supply pressure, back pressure and temperature. 

Light off can be achieved at a pre-determined flow which is ideal for a specific turbine  (versus ramping start flow through a range as is the normal practice with position based fuel valves).

The flow through design allows the AGV10 to tolerate extremely high dirt loads in the gas.  And with pilot stage filtering, the CCC valve will tolerate a substantial amount of liquids in the gas.

  • Electricic Fuel Control Valve
  • Built in Flow Measurement 
  • Integrated Sensors 
  • Power Requirement: 24vdc 1 Amp
  • Inline Design: Robust and Dirt Tolerant 

By choosing the optional embedded Acceleration Control the CCC valve will work with any PLC (and also with older analog control systems such as the CCC Black Boxes).

The CCC valves greatly simplify on-skid wiring and gas plumbing and the 24vdc 1 amp requirement eliminates the need for a new high voltage power supply.

One RS-485 serial port provides data via the modbus interface such as: Gas Inlet Presure, Differential Pressure, Gas Temperature, Engine Manifold Pressure, Measured Fuel Flow and various other On Board information available for control and diagnostics.

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