ECVI SOftware Installation Guide

Instructions How to Download a New ECVI Program into the Controller

1.Download and run file “Setup ver. 5.1.exe”. This will install the program that downloads the patch to the ECVI controller.

2.Download ECVI Software.

3.Connect the controller to your PC using the communication cable (use RS-232port on the PC and Port 1 on the controller).

4.Power up the display.

5.Open ECVI Software.

6.From main Menu select Connection -> Download – > Download.

7.It will prompt whether you want to update the operating system. Click OK button.

8.You should be able to see a Dialog box with current OS data. Click Download button.

9.Make sure you are connected to COM Port 1 on the PLC, click YES button

10.Put a check in Continue without saving project?check box, click Continue.

11.Download process will start automatically. DO NOT INTERRUPT IT!

12.Wait until you see the following dialog box, click OK button to continue.

13.Click Exit button to close communication dialog box.

14.From main Menu select Connection -> Download -> Download. It will load new ECVI program into display.

15.All possible questions during the downloading process should be answered YES, OK or CONTINUE.

16.When the download dialog box will close up, the controller is ready to use.

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