Modificatins in ECVI Display Wiring Scheme

ECVI display model V120-22-UN2 has the following digital outputs located on the bottom side of the display: OO O1 O2 O3 O4 O5 O6 O7 O8 O9 O10 O11 0V +VO The new model V120-22-UA2 has 2 additional analog outputs on the bottom connector:

•AO – Analog Output 1

•A1 – Analog Output 2

•0V – Analog Ground

OV A0 A1 OO O1 O2 O3 O4 O5 O6 O7 O8 O9 0V +VO ATTENTION: In case ECVI display model V120-22-UN2 is replaced with the latest model V120-22-UA2, it is necessary to shift the wires from the bottom side connector of the ECVI display in accordance with new display outputs (3 wires to the left). Otherwise the display will not function properly. NOTE: The model of the display could be located on the side of the controller by the Communication Port 1.

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