Gas Engine Products

Continental Controls engineering offers a unique blend of talent in Mechanical Design, Electronic and Software design, along with application knowledge for Reciprocating Gas Engines and Gas Turbines as well as conversion from Diesel to blended Natural Gas engines. 


Continental Controls Corporation (CCC) develops safer and more effective fuel controls that reduce emissions, fuel consumption and often extend engine life. 

  • Full Authority Fuel Valve
  • Fully Automatic Air/Fuel Control
  • Maintains Emissions Compliance even with Changes in Heating Value or Load
  • Rich Burn or Lean Burn Control
  • On Board Diagnostics and Optional Display
ECV 5.pdfDownload

The ECV 5 is a complete Emissions Control System for Gas Engines. The ECV 5 can be configured for controlling either rich burn or lean burn gaseous fueled engines (fuel can be either natural gas or other alternative fuels).


  • Replaces Mechanical Carburetor
  • Integrated Fully Automatic Air Fuel Ratio Control
  • Rich or Lean Burn Control
  • Improved Air and Fuel Mixing
  • On Board Diagnostics
  • Fast and Accurate Control
  • Potential for Fuel Savings
EGC2 – EGC4 Electronic Gas Carburetor.pdfDownload

Continental Controls offers a very innovative and state of the art approach to Gaseous Fuel Carburetion for most gas engines in the range of 10 to 500 horsepower. The Electronic Gas Carburetor (EGC) precisely controls the air/fuel ratio using variable pressure control combined with an advanced and improved mixing venturi.  

  • Monitors Key Catalyst Operating Parameters
  • Can Provide Alarms or Engine Shut Downs
  • Measures Differential Pressure Across the catalyst
  • Provides Continuous Monitoring of Pre and Post Catalyst Temperatures
  • Integrated Data Logger
  • Up to two O2 sensor drivers
  • NOx sensor input
Catalyst Monitor and Data Logger.pdfDownload

The catalyst Monitor is designed to constantly monitor the health and operation of a Non-Selective Catalytic Reduction (NSCR) or Oxidation catalysts used to reduce emissions on Gas Burning engines.

Various local and federal agencies require monitoring of various engine parameters. One parameter is often Catalyst inlet temperature monitoring. The Cat Monitor will meet this continuous monitoring requirement.  



Various agencies now require fuel measurement on individual turbines and gas engines. The FM50 offers a very simple to install option that can provide instantaneous flow or totalized flow over a period of hours, days or months. Installation and commissioning is very fast and simple .The FM50 does provide a true Mass Flow Calculation which corrects for temperature or pressure fluctuations.

  • Full Authority Fuel Valve add articles  Design of interiors of apartments scripts PHP  project of apartments
  • Works with PLC or Third Party AFR Controls
  • The precise venturi design allows for emissions compliance during all engine conditions
  • Ideal for Controlling AFR on Engines with Single Carburetors up to 500 hp or Dual Bank engines with Dual Carburetors up  to 1000 hp
  • Long Lasting – Low Maintenance
  • CCC is willing to work with OEM’s to help with specific engine integration
  • Low Cost
GV1 Electronic Gas Fuel Valve.pdfDownload

The GV1 gas fuel is an electronic valve designed to provide very fast and accurate air fuel ratio control for Gas Engines.  It can meter Natural Gas, Field Gas, Propane and all forms of Gaseous Bio Fuels.

The GV1 operates as a variable pressure regulator to vary the gas pressure to the carburetor or mixing venturi.  The pressure control command is normally provided by a stand-alone air fuel ratio controller which may be located in a separate control box or in a system or station PLC.

  • Replaces Mechanical Carburetor and Improves Air / Fuel Mixing
  • No Moving Parts Reduces Maintenance
  • Consistent Fuel Manifold Pressure at all Loads Enhances Air Fuel Ratio Control
  • Dual Bank Engines can be Easily Balanced
  • Less Pressure Drop Than with Traditional Carburetor
VM 350 Mixing Venturi.pdfDownload

The FMV6 can be used with any single or dual bank natural gas engine. It generally directly replaces the mechanical carburetor and offers improved air and fuel mixing. By providing a multitude of fuel inlet vanes and passages evenly dispersed throughout the low-pressure region of the venturi, the fuel is more evenly distributed and providing a more homogenous mixture to the engine.

The FMV6 includes a carefully designed venturi designed specifically to maintain a constant fuel mixture and any load by drawing just the proper amount of fuel for the specific amount of air that is being drawn into the engine.

its both 200 and 225 Impco style carburetors

  • easy installation
  • reduce emissions
  • save fuel
  • rich or lean burn
  • made in the USA!

The VMI 200 is designed to directly replace the spring mass, diaphragm actuator and mixing bowl in existing Impco 200/225 style Gas Engine Carburetors.

By providing a multitude of fuel inlet vanes and passages evenly dispersed throughout the low-pressure region of the venturi, the fuel is more evenly distributed and providing a more homogenous mixture to the engine.


By offering better products/services, at a competitive price, CCC partners with customers to support more cost-effective and emission compliant engines.  Remote monitoring, remote tracking and preventive maintenance by CCC are all part of a happy customer in a highly efficient environment.

After many years of successful development and sales of highly innovative fuel control products to both the gas turbine and reciprocating engine markets CCC can be characterized as a leading manufacturer of various gaseous fuel control and measurement products. CCC wants customers to perceive the company as a reliable supplier of quality products with excellent product reliability.  CCC’s customers can count on products that perform as advertised, with an impeccable commitment to quality and to company support for the client’s application.