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Corporate History

Continental Controls Corporation was originally co-founded in 1968 by the current president of the company, Ross Fisher. The company established a prominent place in the gas turbine industry by developing speed and temperature monitors and then fuel control modules used primarily with Solar Turbine engines. These controls became known as Solar "Black Boxes."

In the early 1970’s CCC developed innovative electronic controls for Gas Turbine Compressor applications, a Generator Set Control system that became known as a KS Gen Set and was in more than 350 locations by telephone companies, and a very early control system for reciprocating engines. Mr. Fisher was responsible for the design and development of all of the CCC products during this time.

In 1979 CCC was sold to The Bendix Corporation but continued to operate as Continental Controls / Bendix. In 1989 Mr. Fisher left Bendix and acquired the rights to the Continental Controls name as well as the rights to manufacture the Black Box products that he had developed. CCC now continues to offer the "Black Boxes" both new and refurbished, as well as the latest in turbine control systems and advanced gas and liquid fuel metering valves.

Continental Controls engineering offers a unique blend of talent in Mechanical Design, Electronic and Software design, along with application knowledge for Reciprocating Gas Engines and Gas Turbines as well as conversion from Diesel to blended Natural Gas engines.  Using these skills, CCC develops safer and more effective fuel controls that reduce emissions, fuel consumption and often extend engine life. 

By offering better products/services, at a competitive price, CCC partners with customers to support more cost-effective and emission compliant engines.  Remote monitoring, remote tracking and preventive maintenance by CCC are all part of a happy customer in a highly efficient environment.

After many years of successful development and sales of highly innovative fuel control products to both the gas turbine and reciprocating engine markets CCC can be characterized as a leading manufacturer of various gaseous fuel control and measurement products. CCC wants customers to perceive the company as a reliable supplier of quality products with excellent product reliability.  CCC’s customers can count on products that perform as advertised, with an impeccable commitment to quality and to company support for the client’s application.