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No More Failed Starts due to Poor Ignition.

  • Improved Spark Intensity
  • Reliable Light Offs
  • Works with both Liquid and Gaseous Fuels
  • Eliminates Condensation Problems 
  • Power Requirement: 12 VDC or 120 VAC
  • Longer Igniter MTBF
TI-100 High Energy Ignition System Including Exciter and Igniter.pdf Download


Gas Turbines whether burning liquid or gaseous fuels all require a robust ignition source to provide reliable light offs. The TI 100 improves upon many of these OEM systems by providing a High Energy spark that will overcome ignition problems such as condensation on the igniter.

The TI 100 can provide these high energy sparks at a rapid rate of up to 21 sparks per second.


The Ignition System consists of four components:
1) Exciter
2) Igniter
3) Input Lead Wire (to connect the exciter and igniter)
4) Igniter Housing (specific to each model of gas turbine)


The Igniter itself is expected to last at least 600 starts. The Exciter is expected to last more than 3000 starts.


Many Turbine Ignition systems use spark gaps. In effect there is a release of stored energy across a gap when a capacitor stores a sufficient charge. As the gap in the igniter wears, the igniter requires more voltage to fire and the output voltage from the igniter decreases. The TI 100’s advanced design eliminates this phenomenon of decreased power with age. In fact, the TI 100 spark will only increase in intensity as the igniter tip wears.


Input Power:
85 to 265 vac or

Net Weight: 10lbs.

Operating Temperature -25C to + 75C

Duty Cycle 5 Minutes on 10 Minutes off

Output Harness:

Voltage: 3000vdc Maximum

Construction: Nickel Braid (Waterproof)

Igniter Tip

Maximum Temperature: 1000 C

Hazardous Area EExd, Group IIC
Safe Area Only