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About Continental Controls

Corporate History

Continental Controls Corporation was originally co-founded in 1968 by the current president of the company, Ross Fisher. The company established a prominent place in the gas turbine industry by developing speed and temperature monitors and then fuel control modules used primarily with Solar Turbine engines. These controls became known as Solar "Black Boxes."

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Message from the president

Throughout my career of 40 years I have worked with Engine Manufacturers, Packagers, and end users of Gas Turbines and Reciprocating Gas Engines to develop products for control and monitoring all types of engine systems and fuel controls. Never have I seen or been involved with a more exciting and demanding opportunity and requirement for the development of new and innovative products.

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PDF Articles are available covering many publications.  Continental Controls Corporation is a manufacturer of controls and components for Gas Engines and Gas Turbines, specializing in fuel control systems for diesel, gas turbines system controls and Natural Gas Engine Fuel Controls, Natural Gas Engine air fuel ratio controls, Gas Engine AFM.

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Technical Support

Contact Technical Support For help troubleshooting problems and technical questions, please send an email to Technical Support.In addition to your contact information, please include the CCS part number(s) that you have and a description of the symptoms and issues. For help in selecting part numbers for a job quote, please attach plans, specifications, and electrical drawings, if available. For help selecting CTs, photos of conductors where CTs will be installed are helpful.

You can also click on the Submit a Ticket and fill out the form.

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Continental Controls are Experts in Gas Turbine Fuel Flow Control 


Recent news

Continental Controls Delivers for SoCalGas Technology Innovations

Product Profiles

Gas Engine Flow Meter

Gas Flow Meter - Provides Instantaneous Flow, Very Accurate Measurement, Fast and Simple Installation, No moving Parts, Very Low Pressure Drop, Self Calibrating, Tolerant of Dirty Gas, 2.4 GHz Wireless Radio, CSA Compliance (Pending)

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AGV10 Fuel Metering Control Valve

AGV10 Fuel Metering Control Valve - Electric Fuel Control Valve, Built in Flow Measurement, Integrated Sensors, Power Requirement 24Vdc 1 Amp, Inline Design, Robust and Dirt Tolerant

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Gas Substitution System

By utilizing Continental Controls proven fuel control technologies, the GSS system allows for the substitution of gaseous fuels for diesel on traditional diesel engines without any modifications to the engine.

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I just had a great round of visits in the Houston area with principals of Continental Controls Corp., David Fisher, President, and Keith Flitner, Gas Turbine Products Manager, introducing an outstanding new product, their Fuel Control Manifold.

Continental Controls was very deliberate in designing their fuel gas manifold to operate on 2 amps so that the manifold can be installed on existing units without new wiring being required.

Since Continental Controls is the original manufacturer of the black boxes and the electronic fuel control valves, they have designed their electronic fuel valves and the fuel valve manifold to operate perfectly together.

No other provider in the industry has this capability, and this can result in a savings of tens of thousands of dollars when an upgrade to a new PLC control system is considered. Overall, I could not have been more impressed with my visit in Houston with the really great folks from Continental Controls Corp and their outstanding products.

Glenn A.
President, Managing Director