ALV10 Liquid Fuel Metering Control Valve

Product Description

  • Liquid Fuel Metering Control Valve
  • Electric Fuel Control Valve
  • Built in Flow Measurement
  • Integrated Sensors
  • Power Requirement: 24vdc 1 Amp
  • Inline Design: Robust and Dirt Tolerant
  • High Turn Down Ratio
  • Fast Response
  • Reliable Starting

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The ALV10 Liquid fuel metering valve is designed for Gas Turbines between 250Kw and approximately 35MW. It is the ideal compliment to either the AGV 10 or AGV 50 gas valves to create a state of the art, fast, switch on the fly, dual fuel system.

The valve is fail safe closed so electronic failure, loss of power, or mechanical failures will all cause the valve to close.

Utilizing the built in fuel measurement can provide very accurate and repeatable starts. This flow measurement can be reported back either serially via Modbus or on the 4-20ma fuel flow return signal

The ALV10 is a Servo Actuated electronic fuel valve that provides excellent accuracy, speed and near maintenance free operation.

It is possible by monitoring the compressor discharge pressure to build the turbines acceleration schedule into the ALV 10. This embedded acceleration option allows the valve to be used on applications where there is an older turbine control system (such as CCC Black Boxes) that does not have the ability to schedule acceleration.

The RS-232 Serial Interface port can provide data in a Modbus format to a PLC or remote Control System.

Below is a list of some of the Gas Turbines that the ALV 10 has been used with:

Solar Turbines Spartan, Saturn®, Centaur®
Ruston TB 5000
Lycoming T-53
Pratt & Whitney ST-18
General Electric LM 500
Kawasaki M1A
Mann 1304-11 Rolls-Royce Olympus 2020/F